A Champion for Our School Districts

FullSizeRender (5)Having served many years on the Harlandale School Board, I understand the needs of both schools and students in our community. As State Representative, I promise to fight for the resources our school districts need to increase educational opportunities and the future prospects of our children. A healthy mind and an education are lifelong investment.




An Advocate for Our Children

FullSizeRender (11)Time and time again, ¬†politicians remind us that “our children are our future.” However, not enough is done to help protect them in times of need. As your State Representative, I will advocate tirelessly to improve services and resources to make the most innocent among us prosper.


Improving Transportation


The populations of both San Antonio and Bexar county have exploded in the last few years and current estimates indicate more than a million more citizens could join our community in the next ten years.  As State Representative, I promise to take a comprehensive look at our transportation needs to help minimize traffic and wasteful spending. When I am elected, District 118 will get its fair share of transportation allocations to help make our commutes as quick and safe as possible.